Shimmering and bold, Goldschläger is the favorite cinnamon liqueur with real gold flakes. 

The German word Goldschläger refers to the gold-leaf makers who beat bars of soft gold into wafer-thin sheets. The authentic cinnamon schnapps with floating flakes of real 24-carat gold. Created in Switzerland, these feather-light, palatable gold flakes add an exciting visual experience to the flavorful taste experience of Goldschläger in a cocktail or as a chilled or straight shot. A perfectly smooth straight serve, it can also be used to create other uniquely flavoured cocktails. It’s origin dates back over 400 years to a drink called Goldwasser. It came in different forms but was prominently a root and herbal liqueur. Goldwasser was famous for containing flakes of real gold.

Tasting notes

Goldschläger combines a sweet and luscious cinnamon taste with sensational spicy flavours that linger, delivering an intense hot bite to finish


Experience buttery notes upon entry followed by sweet sugar cane, caramel, tobacco, leather, honey, and dark chocolate with elements of raisin and fig. The finish has a decadent dark chocolate character with brown sugar, smokiness and underlying oak notes that make Myers’s a genuine original that stands the test of time.

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